Zoom Teeth Whitening Brunswick

Teeth Whitening

No one likes to have discoloured teeth, particularly if you have regular contact with work colleagues and you have an active social life. At our Melbourne dental clinic we can help turn those dull, yellowing teeth into a beautiful sparkling set of white teeth that will be the envy of everyone you meet. No more holding back your smile as you can beam from ear to ear with confidence after a session of Zoom whitening.

Some people think that dabbing bleach on those yellowing teeth can provide instant whiteness. That won’t last long and it is a danger to your overall health so is never recommended.

What causes discoloured teeth?

Even though age is a factor that contributes to discoloured teeth, we have had some influence on the colour of our teeth too. There are certain types of food and drink that can cause staining which isn’t always easy to remove with brushing and flossing. Smoking and chewing tobacco are leading causes of staining as are pregnancy, excessive use of fluoride and chemotherapy. Failing to regularly brush and floss your teeth means you don’t remove the daily build up of staining so it accumulates leading to the need for professional Zoom whitening to restore your teeth.

What is Zoom whitening?

The main aim of the painless Zoom whitening procedure is to restore your teeth to a natural whiteness as fast as possible. Our dentists use a whitening gel on your teeth followed by the application of a zoom light. This provides instant results that will get you smiling again in a matter of minutes. What’s most important about our dentists is their holistic approach to all our patients. Your overall health and well being is important to us so before we start the Zoom whitening a rubber shield and liquid is used to protect your gums from damage.

Zoom whitening can be done in Melbourne

If you live near Brunswick you can get Zoom whitening done on your doorstep, as we offer a holistic dental cost for the procedure at several of our dental practices in the Brunswick area.  We guarantee that even if you arrive at one of our dental practices with a sad, dejected look on your face too scared to smile you will leave with that smile to die for. Our dental practices are the best in Melbourne and our holistic approach to your dental needs have put us on the map.