Teen Invisalign (No Braces)

Invisalign Teen – a teeth straightening solution

Once a teen has calculated that the constant teasing by peers is due to the presence of crooked teeth, the teen will go to just about any lengths to eliminate the problem. Up to now though there is one thing the teen may think twice about and that’s filling the mouth with unsightly metal braces. That’s almost as embarrassing as the presence of crooked teeth. Fortunately, along came Invisalign Teen, the no braces solution for crooked teeth.

Teen Invisalign - Without Braces

What’s so great about Invisalign Teen?

This no braces solution is far less embarrassing way of straightening teeth as it’s made from clear plastic not unsightly metal and wires. This means they while they are doing the job of straightening your teen’s teeth only the teen will know of their presence.

The procedure for Invisalign teen

When the teen and the Brunswick orthodontist have decided that Invisalign is the best no braces teeth straightening option, computerised technology and 3D modelling will be used so that the aligners without braces made to straighten the teeth fit exactly over the teen’s teeth. Several sets of aligners are made and each set is worn for two weeks before it’s replaced. Each aligner moves the teeth one step closer to that award winning smile that the teen has always dreamed of.

Teens need monitoring more than adults

Because teens tend to lose or misplace Invisalign Teen aligners, the Brunswick orthodontist will always have quick replacements available if required. If they didn’t, and the treatment is held back due to lost aligners, the whole teeth straightening process will be delayed too. Parents get a little help to ensure that the Invisalign Teen without braces is followed meticulously by the presence of a blue compliance indicator. When the teen is wearing the aligner the indicator slowly fades until it’s clear.

This is also a reminder that it’s time to insert the next set of aligners. The teen isn’t let off the hook when it comes to cleaning as the aligner can be removed and cleaned and so can the teeth that are concealed. The catch here is the teen has to remember to replace the aligners, otherwise the teeth straightening process may take longer.

Not all teeth problems suit the Invisalign Teen

If the teen’s teeth are badly aligned, the Invisalign Teen without braces may not be suitable as it doesn’t exert as much pressure as conventional metal braces. However, it can be used to correct many common dental problems, such as:

1.  large gaps between the teeth;

2. overcrowding’

3. underrbites, crossbite and overbites.

Given that not all teens are suited to Invisalign Teen, your holistic dentist at the Brunswick dental practice will discuss the best options for your teen.

Your Holistic Dental practitioner will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign Teen with both you and your teenager, before recommending the appropriate treatment.