Holistic Mercury Removal

Mercury free dentistry

Anyone who had their teeth filled 50 years ago and those same fillings are still in place the material used will have been amalgam, a silvery grey colour which was made from powdered silver, tin and copper, mixed with an equal amount of liquid mercury. Today, at our modern, holistic dental practices we don’t use any mercury at all. In fact all our filings are made from safe, strong, tooth coloured, durable materials that not only boost the health of your teeth but are great for maintaining a full white smile. Amalgam no longer fulfils our expectations of the role of filings today. We as holistic dentists not only care about your overall health but your smile too. The alternatives to amalgam are safer, more aesthetic and last a long time too and the mercury filling removal cost is an investment you will never regret.

Amalgam Removal Dentist

We offer mercury free dentistry

You don’t need to worry about mercury at our dental practices as we stay on the safe side. With the doubts about the use of mercury for fillings, we steer clear of it altogether. In fact, our holistic approach to you means we offer a holistic mercury removal service and replace your old amalgam with safe white fillings. There are a variety of filling materials available including compound resins, ceramics, glass-based agents and porcelain. These materials are easier to match to the teeth in your mouth so after our holistic mercury removal service has rid you of amalgam you will receive the best possible strong, aesthetic replacements.

How our holistic amalgam removal service will work for you.

We don’t just peer in your mouth and recommend removing every amalgam filling in sight. We look at the condition and position of the filling prioritising removing and replacing any that are broken or worn and will need replacing sooner or later anyway. Of course, if you are feeling self conscious showing off a mouth full of grey fillings and you want them all replaced you can discuss your requirements with our amalgam removal dentist who’s responsible for our holistic mercury removal service. We take exceptional care when removing amalgam so your mouth will be well protected when the removal is taking place.

Process used by our holistic mercury removal service

First of all, your holistic amalgam removal dentist will fit a rubber dam in your mouth to prevent any amalgam being swallowed. Next, in order to prevent vapour being released from the amalgam when its broken up to be extracted a single use drill is used and maximum suction with a large amount of water spray to keep the amalgam cool. Once you have paid for the mercury filling removal cost, you will never look back and you will have saved on whitening cost for years to come.