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Oral implants, or dental implants, have over the last 25 years changed dentistry forever. If you have lost teeth to decay, an accident or simply excessive wear and tear, dental implants Brunswick may be the tooth replacement solution that’s just right for you.

Our dental implants Melbourne practice prides itself on its holistic approach to your dental care. Our dentists examine your teeth thoroughly before making any recommendations about a dental solution. Fitting dental implants requires planning and expertise to ensure we get the results you want.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is used to replace a tooth’s root when you have lost a tooth.  It acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth which could be in the form of crown, a dental bridge or a denture. The dental implant is typically made from titanium, which is both lightweight and strong. Due to its biocompatibility it fuses well with the bone it’s fixed in and the surrounding tissue. Titanium is the metal commonly used in hip and knee replacements. There are mini dental implants available too that are faster to fit and are cost effective. However, the most recent dental implants are non metal dental implants.

What are the advantages of titanium dental implants?

They won’t decay and their excellent holding power means they could last forever. Once the implant is fixed into place you can have an artificial tooth with a crown fixed permanently to the implant which matches the colour of the adjacent teeth. Because of its natural appearance no one will know it’s there and you can smile with confidence. It not only fills an unsightly gap but it helps to maintain your face shape too.

What are non metal dental implants?

Non metal dental implants available today are made up of Zirconia, an oxidised powder derived from pure Zirconium metal. They are long lasting, durable, dental implants that offer a permanent solution as replacements for missing teeth. The main advantage of zirconia implants is they are white, so they blend in with remaining teeth. Zirconia implants are a good choice for patients who experience metal allergies and they are also biocompatible so they shouldn’t affect your immune system. If you need dental implants Melbourne, Holistic Dental have the best dentists to talk to you. They have experience of both metal and non metal dental implants and wisdom teeth removal too.

Dental Implants Melbourne


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