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Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

If one morning you wake up with a painful toothache your immediate reaction is to call your Brunswick dentist to arrange an appointment to fix the problem. Most pain is due to an infection caused by bacteria invading your teeth’s enamel. This can often be fixed by removing the offending bacteria and filling the gap in the tooth. However there are times when the infection has reached the root canal and it’s not possible to treat, except with either a tooth extraction or through a root canal procedure.  In earlier days, the former would be the only choice but it’s been found that if the infected pulp in the root canal is removed the root canal can be sealed with a filling and if the tooth has lost some of its strength a crown can be added. The procedure is in fact a tooth saver.

How the infection reaches the root canal

If you are scrupulous about your dental hygiene, this could help to prevent the need for root canal treatment. This is because you will help to prevent the bacteria on the surface of your teeth eroding the teeth enamel and dentin. Once these two layers have cavities there is nothing stopping an infection developing in the pulp which is now open to outside influences.

How you know you need root canal treatment

Once you arrive at the dental practice your holistic dentist will assess the situation. To establish the extent of the problem with your painful tooth an x ray is likely to be taken of the tooth. This will show the area of the infection. If it’s deep into the root canal then the main option is root canal treatment as this will save your tooth. This root canal treatment Brunswick is the best way to solve the problem of pain in your tooth.

Procedure for a Root Canal Treatment Brunswick

If the root canal is one of your premolars, the procedure is quite straightforward, as there is usually only one root canal to clean and seal. However, if it’s a larger molar, the root canal treatment Brunswick may take a little longer as there may be more than one root canal to clean and the tooth is less accessible. When your dentist has looked at your teeth holistically, your tooth will be opened up through the crown. The dentist undertaking the root canal treatment Brunswick will proceed to eliminate the bacteria from the root canal system and any infected pulp. The whole procedure is made virtually painless by using highly effective numbing compounds. If by any chance your Brunswick dentist decides extraction is the best option because the tooth is too damaged to repair, you may be able to get the gap filled with Zirconia dental implants Melbourne.

Root Canal Treatment Melbourne