Losing teeth is sad to experience for an adult. But thanks to today’s advanced dentistry. Because in our clinic we permanently replace your tooth and also it looks quite natural.




It has 3 major segments.

Titanium – Inserted into the bone Jaw.

Abutment  – which acts as a base for the crown.

crowns – Also called restorations.

Many dentists in Melbourne do the final restoration but they send their patients to an oral surgeon for the implant placement. This is more time-consuming and not convenient for patients.

But in our clinic, we only take care of all those things and complete all phases of oral implantology.

The tooth implant is available for decades. However, for many patients, they are still a completely new concept. Hence when we consider the cost of oral implants in Melbourne few important points to keep in mind is its longevity.

When we compare oral implants to other replacement methods like dentures and bridges, we need to consider service or longevity offered.

Oral Implants in Melbourne is a little bit costly when compared to other replacement methods just because of its lifetime durability.

Dental implants are like the long-term investment Because it gives lifetime service.

the implant is like a natural tooth. It helps to eat the same healthy foods he or she has always enjoyed,

it also removes the regular inconvenience and difficulty caused by dentures.


Oral Implants is like an investment in your health and also the important factor for appearance. A full set of teeth gives us immense pleasure.

making it easier to eat a balanced, healthy diet. A full set of teeth also preserves the contours of the face, keeping you from looking old before your time.

You can call us and get a quote and come in for a consultation, and we can give you a specific price for your case based on your oral needs. Please call us to schedule your appointment with our dentists.


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